HFU Delegation Attend the 7th CDAH

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HFU delegation, led by Prof. Wang Qidong, President and Chair of HFU Council, are invited to attend the 7th Chinese-Germany Forum held in Hangzhou from Sept. 10 to 12 (CDAH, Chinesisch-Deutsches Forum für Anwendungsorientierte Hochschulausbildung).

This forum has attracted more than 300 attendees from both China and Germany, including presidents, experts and scholars from over 160 applied universities and representatives from more than 30 enterprises, which focuses on the applied talents’ cultivation together with the applied research and achievement transformation in the industry-university integration as well as the issues in the government-university-enterprise-industry collaborative innovation.

gd视讯President Wang Qidong makes a speech in the session of “Conversation Between Universities and Enterprises: Practice-Integration-Innovation”. He claims that Hefei University has been implementing three aspects: firstly, breaking the conventional framework of disciplines for the purpose of local economic development, HFU has established secondary colleges; secondly, HFU persists in the student-oriented educational mode; thirdly, in the new era, HFU explores the dual-system higher educationalmode further.

Representatives from universities and enterprises have conducted discussions on such topics as exchanges and cooperation between applied universities and enterprises in China and Germany, as well as dual-system undergraduate programs.

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